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Developed by SabancıDx, HrWe offers focused, end-to-end solutions tailored to your needs for human resources management and employee experience processes, with its wide range of products.

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Get Ready for The Future of Work from Now On

Operating with the vision of leading Turkey's digital transformation and globalizing with the power of software, SabancıDx is a digital and analytics solution partner that undertakes the mission of carrying institutions to the future by producing sustainable benefits with innovative digital ideas.

Human Resources Digital Solutions HrWe, which is developed by SabancıDx, offers end-to-end solutions in human resources management and employee experience with its next generation technological infrastructure and power of data.

Meeting the next generations’ ways of doing business and expectations, HrWe solutions which support remote working and internal communication, comprised of Hrweb, Perfx, Thanxie, Booxpace applications.

  • High technology and infrastructure
  • Advanced data security
  • Easy access with cloud technology
  • Mobile application
  • Parametric and flexible structure
  • Powerful analytics and flexible reporting
  • Data warehouse and offline reporting
  • Dashboards designed for administrators
  • User friendly interface
  • Robotic process automation support
Hrweb Hrweb
Hrweb Hrweb

Digital Human Resources and Payroll Application

It offers solutions through a single platform for the management of all human resources processes. It supports the next generation usage habits and offers the efficiency and motivation of digitalization to both human resources managers and employees.

  • Performance of fast, error-free and fully compliant accrual procedures
  • Complete labor planning with leave requests, approval flow, planning and follow-up
  • Complete management and follow-up of the recruitment process
  • Most suitable training programs for the employees with detailed training catalog and the association between training and competency
  • Uninterrupted access via mobile application
  • Robotic process automation support
Perfx Perfx
Perfx Perfx

Next Generation Performance Management Application

It is a transparent and feedback-based ongoing performance management platform that supports your strategies and goals. With its agile and flexible structure accessible from anywhere, it enables your organization to progress with common goals.

  • Target and competency setting, evaluation
  • Targeted, one-to-one dialogs between managers and employees
  • Easy monitoring of targets and fast action with milestones
  • Transparent task management toward common targets
  • Instant, ongoing, feedback and feedforward notification throughout the year
Thanxie Thanxie
Thanxie Thanxie

Next Generation Reward and Recognition Application

It is a next generation reward and recognition application that focuses on strengthening internal communication and culture for an effective and successful employee experience, and provides easy usage and continuous communication with mobile application.

  • Badge pool according to the values and competencies of the company
  • A unique employee experience through badge points and rewarding system
  • Support for next generation user habits through the convenient interface
  • Real-time, positive feedback mechanism
booxpace booxpace
booxpace booxpace

Office Reservation Application

Booxpace is a flexible mobile office reservation application that makes it easy to implement hybrid working model in accordance with the needs of your employees.

  • Space & Capacity Management
  • Room and Social Space Booking
  • Event & Training Management
  • Notifications
  • Integrations
  • Customization


Besides its wide range of product portfolio, HrWe offers an end-to-end experience with its effective and integrated partnerships.


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